Jules Verne. The limits of imagination

Jules Verne. The limits of Imagination

Fundación Telefónica, Madrid

From November 6th to February 21st 2016

Jules Verne (Nantes, 1828 – Amiens, 1905) is renowned as one of world literature´s most prolific, popular, and influential authors. Faithful to the Positivism of the Second Industrial Revolution, he created a powerful imaginary world that was daring, diverse, and yet extremely plausible, thanks to the deep interest in science, exploration and industry he shared with many of his contemporaries. His meticulously documented novels captured the spirit of his times, mapped the known world, and opened doors onto previously unknown areas. His literary, sometimes visionary universe aroused the curiosity of many of his readers, who wanted to carry out the author´s daring writings. Although Jules Verne was not a science fiction writer, many authors in that genre acknowledge their debt to him. He used his creativity to further progress and wrote with future readers in mind.

The exhibit offers visitors an adventure that blurs the limits between inventions and reality, between literature and life. Visitors enter an abstract representation of Verne´s study, the nerve center containing signs of all the major components of his work; characters, means of transport, ingenious inventions…It all comes together in a rich legacy of almost one hundred works, an invitation to discover places known and unknown. Like explorers, visitors can traverse lands, seas, and frozen desserts, even traveling through space and time.

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