By thoughtful purchasing of products, and a green based procurement policy you will improve your environmental impact. There is a green version of almost everything if you know where to look.

Staff needs to feel identified with an internal green policy that clearly states your organisation goals.

Incorporate green purchasing criteria into all key contracts, starting with those that are high spend, have a high environmental impact and/or area easily influenced.

Review your purchases to assess their embodied environmental impact, such as emissions to air and water, waste to landfill and resource use.

Award new contracts on the basis of value for money and whole life costing, not at the lowest price; green purchases may have lower operating or disposal costs.

Reducing the amount of supplies will save money and benefit the environment. From an environmental perspective, using less stuff benefits all along the life cycle of a product.

Buy local and use local trades people and contractors to support the local economy and reduce delivery distance and transport emissions.

Look for certified products.

Choose equipment that is more energy efficient.

Switch all lights to low-energy bulbs or LEDs.

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