In 2010, the Design Museum, London, celebrated the exhibition “Sustainable Futures”. Green Tourism for London conducted an audit to determine if designing sustainable exhibitions could be a viable business model. The audience research was provided by the arts marketing agency London Calling, whose analysis showed a “strong parallel between green consumers and those who actively engage with cultural venues and events, suggesting that sustainability is an important area for audience development and communication, as well as an opportunity for venues to develop new business partnerships”.

It could be stated that there is no risk or extra cost in experimenting with sustainability in temporary exhibitions, due to the nature of its ephemeral existence, it is actually a viable way for a museum to get it first contact with sustainable design, and acquiring, via trial and error, the accumulated knowledge that is an essential ingredient of sustainable design

The exhibition “Nikola Tesla.Suyoes el futuro” which took place in Madrid in 2014-2015 has been the first temporary exhibition designed and assembled under sustainable criteria in Spain. Contents about climate change were included and its carbon footprint calculated to be shown to the visitors.It has demonstrated that eco-design costs the same than standard practice without compromising aesthetics quality.

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