DEMOCRACY. 1978 – 2018

CaixaForum Madrid,  From 6 December 2018 to 17 March 2019

On 6 December 1978, a referendum was held to ratify the Spanish Constitution drawn up by the parties in the Constituent Assembly.

This exhibition seeks to commemorate forty years or our Constitution by focusing on four of its central concepts that have underpinned life in our country over all these years of democracy: Union, Equality, Land and Freedom. This show brings them together and expands on their meaning by inviting visitors to join in and playa an active role in the process. It also examines how this country has addressed the major challenges facing humanity as a metaphor for how the constitutional Spain of today was built through collective endeavour.

The Spanish Constitution is a tool for tackling all these major challenges. What have we achieved since 1978? What remains to be done? What do our fellow citizens think? How do they see the future? Democracy 1978-2018 takes an open, interactive and dynamic look at these issues with the aim of opening up dialogue, encouraging reflection and celebrating everything we have achieved to date.

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